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Beneath Cornish Seas

Copies have now arrived from the printers and are available online from the publishers at at on £10.95.

They will shortly be available through other distributors and retailers.

This is predominantly a pictorial presentation of the colourful and varied marine life to be found below the temperate waters  surrounding the south western peninsula of Cornwall in the United Kingdom. The book will be of interest to snorkellers, divers, underwater photographers and anyone with a passion for marine life and natural history. 


Here are a few sample images.

Publisher: Alison Hodge Publishers -

Diving and Snorkelling Belize

There are many attractions for the diver visiting the Caribbean Sea, but only one area offers the unique topography of the world’s second longest barrier reef and the only true coral atolls in the western hemisphere. All this borders the tiny Central American state of Belize and protects a scattering of more than 450 cayes and small islands which provide an amazing variety of diving. These include some of the most spectacular walls in the Caribbean region and the impressive Blue Hole made famous by Jacques Cousteau’s exploration of the barrier reef.

The reefs of Belize cater for all levels of experience and offer excellent snorkelling in the calm shallow waters surrounding the cayes. The cayes offer the relaxed island experience with diving two or three times a day from day boats whilst more dedicated diver can choose one of the live aboard vessels to maximize time on the reefs. Whichever you choose there is a positive cornucopia of reefs, walls, swim throughs, caves and lagoons to be explored and all are populated by a dazzling selection of corals, sponges, fish, invertebrates and marine mammals. This guide visits 66 of the most popular and varied sites that the region has to offer beginning in the north with Ambergris Caye, the largest island, and following the curve of the barrier reef through the middle cayes and atolls of Turneffe Atoll, Lighthouse and Glover Reefs and finishing at the southern end of the reef where it terminates close to the Honduran border.

The guide categorizes the dive sites in four main regions – the Northern Cayes, Middle Cayes, Southern Cayes and the offshore Atolls. Each site includes details of depth and topography, highlights and specific attractions to look out for and includes the skill level required to make the dive. Sites which are particularly suited to snorkelling and free diving are also highlighted but whatever your experience or taste you are likely to find a location that will satisfy both. The variety is seemingly endless and your first visit is likely to only whet your appetite and entice you back for more.

Travelling to and within Belize is easy. There are several flights a day from US international airports, which connect with arrivals from within North America and Europe. Once in Belize transfer to your final destination is quickly completed either by air or water taxi. Diving is a major tourist attraction in Belize and there are numerous resorts and dive centres of all grades to suit every pocket and preference.

Which ever base you choose for your diving, your travel itinerary will take you through the mainland of Belize which is also blessed with stunning wildlife, environmental and archaeological attractions and has become a popular destination for eco-tourists as well as divers. Much of the flora and fauna is unique and the Mayan history is fascinating and well worth the effort of additional land excursions. You will find suggestions and helpful information on the premier attractions within this guide in addition to an overview of the customs, culture and historical significance of the region.

So whether you are a dedicated diver or perhaps need the variety of topside distractions, Belize can do it all.

Diving and Snorkelling Belize by Mark Webster is published by Lonely Planet Publications






A pocket sized pictorial tour of some of the best diving sites around the globe. A fantastic gift idea or a stocking filler at Christmas time! Only £4.99


Published by Duncan Baird Publishers -

Mark has also published 'The Art and Technique of Underwater Photography' - Fountain Press - now out of print but available S/H through Amazon.




Mark has also contributed to the following publications:


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