RED SEA - 2014

12-19 October 2014 Red Sea - MY Juliet from Sharm El Sheikh

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The Red Sea has long been one of the favoured dive locations for underwater photographers and with good reason. The variety of corals, fish, spectacular colour and water clarity are hard to beat. A lot has changed since my first visit in 1976 when there was no infrastructure and certainly no hotel beds or live aboards although the privation was forgotten as soon as you left the surface. Today diving is well established with numerous hotels to cater to all tastes and a fleet of live aboards to take you to the offshore and remote sites.

The Northern Red Sea sites in the Gulf of Aquaba and Suez are perhaps the most popular and best known. During the 2012 workshop will visit some of the classic sites in the North and perhaps introduce you to some sites that you may not have dived before.

As with previous workshops the emphasis will be on informality and everyone is free to ask questions throughout the day. During the workshop there will be daily themed presentations and Mark will be on hand to help and advise on the best techniques and solutions whatever equipment you choose to use.

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