I am often asked what equipment I am currently using or have used for a particular image. Success in underwater photography does depend on having the correct equipment, but this does not mean that you cannot produce great images with simple equipment.

The images throughout the website have been taken over a number of years and some were shot on film and scanned. The oldest image here was taken in 1989 using a Nikon F2A in a Hugyfot housing. Subsequent equipment included Nikon F801's, F90X's, D100's and D200's. All were housed in Subal housings with the exception of the D100 which was housed in a Light and Motion Titan housing using Subal mount ports.

My current camera kit includes a Nikon D300 and D200 both housed in a Subal ND20 housing with GS viewfinder (and small modifications to fit the D300).

I use some standard Subal ports plus a number of bespoke flat and dome ports and extension rings to suit various lenses and techniques.

Lenses include: 10.5mm fish eye, 10-17mm fish eye zoom, 12-24mm zoom, 18-35mm zoom, 60mm micro, 105mm micro, 180mm macro, 18-20mm zoom plus a variety of dry diopters, wet diopters (Inon and Nexus) and teleconverters.

Flash guns include: Inon Quad flash, Subtronic Mini's, Sea & Sea YS 30's, YS50, YS120 and and Isotecnic 33TTL. Arms are Ultralight Control Systems.


Macro lenses                                                     Tapered macro ports                                        Wide angle lenses                                  Subal FE2 dome and bespoke 3" dome    Bespoke perspex domes



Subal DP-54B dome port                             3" dome port                                         4" dome port                                              5" dome port                                           6" dome port

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ND20, D300, Inon Quad flash


ND20, D300, Subtronic Mini flash guns


Mark Webster by Austen Bannister


Light and Motion Titan housing D100


Subal Miniflex F90X


Subal Miniflex F801